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Clash of the Titans: A Gnarly Battle Between a Hippo and Lion

World Unlimited/YouTube

When two animals that are known to take human lives get into a battle, you want to be spectating at a comfortable distance. 

It’s an epic encounter pitting mass against numbers as this hungry lion pride attempts a desperate maneuver to take down an adult hippo. Before you jump to a conclusion about the results, remember that hippos are a formidable animal with a gaping maw punctuated with dagger-like tusks. Add to that they’re shielded by a thick hide and layer of fat. These lions have their work cut out for them.

Disregard the preview image of the video and its title. This is a nighttime struggle and there’s evidence to suggest that the lion most badly wounded (named Dew Claw) may have survived. Watched what happened to her around the 3:25 mark.

Talk about a headache! It’s rare in a pursuit when the prey animal actually lands a blow with the defensive weapons they have. The hippo changed the momentum of this battle with one gigantic rake of its vegetation-chewing jaws.

Chalk one up for the herbivores!


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Clash of the Titans: A Gnarly Battle Between a Hippo and Lion