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Clash of the Titans: AR-15 vs. AK-47

When an AR-15 goes up against the AK-47, you know it will be a close race for domination between these two famous guns.

This is a live-fire barrel test between a Daniel’s Defense AR-15 against the classic AK-47.

These two guns have gone head-to-head on battlefields across the world, but how will they fare during this range competition?

Well I have to admit these two famous rifles came out pretty much neck-and-neck for accuracy and robustness, even at high barrel temperatures.

Interesting how the AK-47 round seemed to have significant drift when the winds were up downrange, but as mentioned, this has been a known factor for the AK over the years. On the other side the AR-15 dropped about an inch or two for its grouping at high temperatures, but the barrel cooled off more quickly than its rival.

While I respect the solid and simple design of the AK-47 the AR-15, in my mind, still dominates. With all its progressive modifications it is a better rifle for self defense, military and security applications.


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Clash of the Titans: AR-15 vs. AK-47