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Civil War .451 Whitworth Sniper Rifle in Action [VIDEO]

The Civil-War-era .451 Whitworth sniper rifle was a feared weapon. 

When accurate rifles were not the standard, this one was the tack driver that ended many soldier’s lives.

Watch as amazing groups are made using this old rifle of past wars.

An English inventor named Whitworth created this amazing rifle.

With hexagonal rifling and long bullets, this super-stabilized ammunition had  phenomenal accuracy.

Hits out past 1,000 yards were common. Bullets could be made out on any hardness of lead and even steel if necessary, all out of a black powder shooting rifle.

The Confederate States did get a handful of these that only the most accurate snipers were able to utilize.

Expensive? Yes. Accurate? Extremely.



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Civil War .451 Whitworth Sniper Rifle in Action [VIDEO]