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Chronic Wasting Disease Now In Ohio

CWD in Ohio captive deer is cause for alarm.

Chronic wasting disease has made it to a captive deer operation named World Class Whitetails in Millersburg, Ohio.

In a Department of Agriculture media release, dated October 23, 2014, it's reported that one buck tested positive for the disease at that facility.

A quarantine of the operation and six-mile zone of surrounding land is ongoing until the state is satisfied there cannot be a transfer of this disease to the state's wild deer herd.

The good news is it appears that the deer that was affected was just a captive one, and it has not spread to the wild deer population of Ohio. There have been no proof that chronic wasting disease can be transmitted from an infected deer to a human, but warnings have been issued for hunters to clean deer with gloves on especially when contacting brain and spinal cord tissue.

Also, officials advise not eating the meat of any animal that may be acting strange before having it tested.

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Chronic Wasting Disease Now In Ohio