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Why the Christmas and New Year Break Might Be Your Best Chance at Some Awesome Fishing

Are you thinking of ditching the holiday parties and get togethers?

This upcoming break just might be the perfect time to head out to the closest waterway for a great day of fishing.

Here are our top five reasons why you should be fishing during your Christmas and New Year break.

1. Less people out on the water or ice.

Ice Fisher With Ice Auger

With a vast majority of anglers wrapped up with family and get togethers, those choice spots are ripe for the fishing. If you can squeeze in some time on the water or the ice, you'll probably see access to some good spots.

2. Start a new holiday tradition.

Bring your family and friends along to join in the fishing fun. It beats sitting on your distant relative's couch and eating stale fruitcake.

Bachman's Berkshires

3. Less bugs to deal with.

If you are up north then no bugs would be the blessing. Sitting on the ice and dangling bait into deep holes you cannot reach by fishing from the shore in the summer time is pretty handy too. This is especially true if you don't have access to a boat.


4. Use that old fruitcake as bait.

Now that you have a large supply of those less than stellar treats, put them to work for you. Just make sure you tell the gifters who gave you the fruitcake that you indeed ate it with glee.

That way, you will have another large supply of bait ready for fishing gifted to you next year. Forward thinking is the name of the game.

Mates Baits

5. Test out the grit of your in-laws.

Take them ice fishing as part of your "holiday party." Make sure you upload the videos online of the melee that will ensue .

Men's winter fun hike to the pond on the ice-fishing

Anytime in reality is a great time to fish. Make sure you make the time, or you just might have future regret when you are unable to get to the fish.

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Why the Christmas and New Year Break Might Be Your Best Chance at Some Awesome Fishing