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Chris Kyle Murder Trial Begins in Texas

Chris Kyle Murder Trial

The town of Stephenville, Texas is now the focus of national attention for being the location of the Chris Kyle murder trial. It just began this week.

The trial for Eddie Ray Routh, the accused murderer of former Navy SEAL Chris Kyle has just begun in the town of Stephenville, Texas. Located just southwest of Fort Worth, this town is now the subject of national media attention.

Chris Kyle, the subject of the movie "American Sniper," was shot to death, along with his friend Chad Littlefield on Feb. 2, 2013 at the Rough Creek Ranch Lodge Resort, which is about a half hour drive outside of town.

Due to the national media attention focused on the trial, and the widespread popularity of "American Sniper," Texas officials had to go to extraordinary lengths to select a truly fair and impartial jury for Rough. Instead of a usual jury pool of 175, they initially summoned over 800 for the jury.

Eddie Routh served in the United States Marine Corps as a small arms repair technician and served deployments to Iraq and Haiti before leaving the Marine Corps in 2010. Kyle took Routh to the shooting range in an attempt to help him deal with post traumatic stress disorder at the request of Routh's mother.

While at the range, Routh allegedly murdered Kyle and Littlefield, then drove to his sister's house in Kyle's truck and admitted the killings to her.

Routh's defense attorney is pursuing a defense of insanity. However, according to Erath County District Attorney Alan Nash:

The evidence will show that mental illnesses, even the ones that this defendant may or may not have, don't deprive people from being good citizens, to know right from wrong.

If convicted, Routh could be sentenced to life in prison without parole.

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Chris Kyle Murder Trial Begins in Texas