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Chris Christie's Stance on Gun Control in New Jersey

Chris Christie's administration has proposed new gun control laws for New Jersey, but where does the governor stand?

The New Jersey governor's administration has proposed new gun control laws that would greatly affect gun dealers in the Garden State.

Chris Christie has spoken numerous times about gun control in his state prior to the proposals by state police which were recently approved by acting state Attorney General John J. Hoffman.

These new rules would potentially affect 377 licensed retail and wholesale dealers and manufacturers in New Jersey. The proposed changes include: a requirement for gun dealers to notify authorities within 24 hours if firearms are lost (previous rule allowed a 48-hour period to report such events); local police must be notified if dealers have security system failures; and firearms can only be stored on licensed premises. The proposal says these amendments are needed to "hold firearms dealers more accountable for their employees and inventory of firearms."

Captain Stephen Jones of New Jersey State Police told reporters these alterations are part of "incremental changes" and a re-adaptation process that take place every five years. There will be a public comment period until February 13, and sometime after that a decision will be made regarding these new gun control laws.

When Jones was asked if Christie was involved in the changes, he was reported saying, "I really doubt it. These are rules that are recommended and proposed by specialists in the state firearms unit... This would be pretty far down on the radar for someone running the state."

In 2009 Christie was quoted saying New Jersey had a "handgun problem," but when recently asked about the changes he said they were, "a little too strict." Last month the Garden State governor vetoed a bill that would ban gun magazines with more than 10 rounds of ammunition.

Nicole Bocour is the policy and communication director for Ceasefire New Jersey, an organization which advocates tighter gun control laws. Recently, Bocour told reporters, "These proposals are really strong. I think it's really encouraging that the administration is seeking to take this kind of action. We'd like to hear from Gov. Christie [specifically] but this is one of the strongest things coming forward from the administration."

Many feel Christie's stance on gun control is changing because of his potential presidential run in 2016. Ben Dworkin, director of the Rebovich Institute for New Jersey Politics at Rider University, told reporters, "Certainly when you're running for president, the pro-Second Amendment advocates are going to be watching for every bit that goes on."

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Chris Christie's Stance on Gun Control in New Jersey