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Choosing a Turkey Hunting Shotgun for the Season Opener

Join pro shooter Julie Golob as she covers features you will want in choosing a turkey hunting shotgun.

Need help choosing a turkey hunting shotgun? Well, today’s market provides guns that are specifically designed to enhance your hunting and get your sights on a big tom this season.

Have a look as Benelli USA pro shooter, Julie Golob, points out design items that you will want to consider.

There you have it, the days of just using your waterfowl gun for spring turkeys is long gone. You can now get a shotgun that is designed, with the appropriate sighting, that will make you a more effective turkey hunter.

Features like a pistol grip and aim-point sights are much better for accurate shooting when doing turkey hunting from a stationary position or blind vice the type of swing shooting you will do for waterfowl or upland bird hunting. Benelli USA provides a great turkey hunting shotgun in its Performance Shop M2 Turkey Edition.

Get scouting and best of luck on getting that turkey on the ground this spring.



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Choosing a Turkey Hunting Shotgun for the Season Opener