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Choosing the Right Color Worms When Bass Fishing


With the hundreds of artificial worms available, how do you choose the right color for the right job?

Artificial worms are hands down one of the most versatile and effective bass fishing lures ever created. They can be used year round and are available in hundreds of sizes, shapes, and colors.

With so many colors and shades on the market one of the hardest things to decide when using a artificial worm is exactly which color will be the most effective. Pro angler Scott Martin shows us his simple way of doing just that in this quick video.

When my father finally started teaching me how to fish with artificial worms when I was younger, this was his same advice. Don’t make the choice harder than it needs to be.

The same goes for choosing what size worm to fish. Heavy cover generally calls for a bigger worm so it is more visible, while lighter cover can be fished effectively with a smaller worm.

It really all comes down to knowing the waters you fish and hitting them frequently enough to know what works.



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Choosing the Right Color Worms When Bass Fishing