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Use These Tips to Choose the Right Survival Knife [INFOGRAPHIC]

Having an ideal survival knife handy in the bush will help you stay alive.

Knives are integral to completing a wide range of survival tasks, such as cleaning game, building shelter and starting fire.

This infographic from will walk you through some important factors to consider when your choosing a survival knife.

The graphic will give you all the details, but here’s the skinny: Choose a thick, fixed blade 4-9 inches long that has a sharp point, comfortable grip and a strong pommel. And – just like with other purchases – avoid gimmicks.

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One more thing: the most essential survival tool you have is your mind. Staying alive in the bush is 90 percent psychology. That being said, having a reliable survival knife certainly helps too.

What kind of survival knife do you own? Let us know in the comments section.


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Use These Tips to Choose the Right Survival Knife [INFOGRAPHIC]