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How to Choose the Right Canoe for Your Outdoor Needs

Thinking of a canoe for spring? Watch this to learn the basics of how to choose the right canoe; there is more to it than you may think.

The canoe is the ultimate “old school” watercraft. Used for thousands of years by Native Americans, this craft still remains popular.

However, there are a few things in choosing one, especially if you are into fishing and hunting. This tutorial posted by Canoe TV will go over the basics to help you make the right choice.

A canoe is an excellent watercraft for the outdoorsperson. It can get you into fishing spots that are rarely reached by other anglers in motorboats; it can be used to access prime hunting spots; and you can paddle into some spectacular camping.

As you have seen before on Wide Open Spaces articles, one great use is to get into some deer hunting territory that sees almost no other hunting pressure. It is amazing once you put a little bit of effort and a portage or two between you and civilization you will be in some wilderness that gets very little use from others.

I have two canoes and the advice I would give if you fish and hunt is to get a two-seater, 16-foot minimum, with a yoke and go as light as you can if you do not intend to do whitewater. This type of canoe is great for general purpose use, can carry a good load, such as a deer or gear, and with a good yoke, you will be able to get it into some really remote spots by portaging.

Finally, a canoe is the ultimate in low impact, and you will have the opportunity to see great wildlife as you quietly slide across rivers or lakes.

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How to Choose the Right Canoe for Your Outdoor Needs