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Chips the Baby Bobcat Survives a Forest Fire [VIDEO]

Chips the baby bobcat is a survivor.

This bobcat kitten incredibly survived the raging 2012 Chips wildfire.

Rescuers found this lucky bobcat and nursed it back to health.

forest fire at Plumas National Forest, dubbed the Chips fire, almost caused this little bobcat to lose its life. Chip's habitat was consumed by the hot infernal fire but this kitten miraculously survived.

This bobcat kitten was rescued after it was certain the mother bobcat was long gone or deceased in the fire. The bobcat kitten was named "Chips."

Chips was nursed back to health at an animal rehabilitation center and, after its burns were healed, Chips was released back into the wilds.

This very lucky bobcat indeed has nine lives. Best of luck to you, Chips.


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Chips the Baby Bobcat Survives a Forest Fire [VIDEO]