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Chinook Fishery Closes in Washington After Quota is Met

Washington has closed a popular Seattle-area chinook fishery.

Marine Area 10’s recreational chinook fishery is closed, according to the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, as of August 7, 2014.

More details from the state DFW:

Chinook retention will remain open at Sinclair Inlet and five fishing piers within the marine area, where anglers can continue to catch chinook as part of their daily limit. The five piers include Elliot Bay Fishing Pier at Terminal 86, Seacrest Pier, Waterman Pier, Bremerton Boardwalk and Illahee State Park Pier.

Coho are still available for catch and retention, but chinook need to be released if caught.

The quota was set at 1,112 legal-size chinook, but with recent catch rates increasing, the decision was made.

Marine Area 9 is still open for chinook retention, and is expected to remain so until at least August 15.

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Chinook Fishery Closes in Washington After Quota is Met