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Chinese Official Mistakes Woman For Wild Boar in Hunting Accident

In China, a country where no unapproved civilian is allowed to possess firearms, a hunter kills a woman in a case of mistaken identity.

According to, a Chinese government official turned himself in for the shooting death of a 57-year-old woman, who he claimed was mistakenly identified as a wild boar.

Xiao Weidong, who was employed by a local food and drug administration, killed the woman in Hengdong county, Hunan province on November 9.

Weidong was a member of a hunting association, which according to reports, have become more popular over recent years, and are clubs for the wealthy and powerful.

Based on information gathered, a multi-year membership to one of these associations can cost upwards of 300,000 yuan, or around $50,000 US dollars.

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In 1986, China adopted a strict gun ownership policy, essentially banning any group or individual from possessing, manufacturing or trading them.

Hunting associations were originally created to protect agricultural crops from wild animals in the 1990s. After gaining the approval of local public security authorities, registered hunting associations are allowed to keep guns during the hunting season. The firearms must be returned to authorities after the season, which typically runs from September to December.

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Chinese Official Mistakes Woman For Wild Boar in Hunting Accident