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Chinese Fishing Boats Are Raiding the Seas Off Andros Island, Bahamas

Photo from: Bahamas Press

Bahamians are furious as reports of a Chinese fishing presence flows in from Andros Island.

According to a report from the Bahamas Press, credible and verifiable information has confirmed that Chinese are actively working as fishermen in the waters off of Andros Island. The Chinese presence in the area is now forcing the authorities responsible for allowing them to fish within territory to now come clean with the Bahamian people.

This scenario is of major concern to the people living and working in the Bahamas since it directly hinders their economy.

While much is still uncertain, the big question in all of this is simple. If there are possibly thousands of Bahamians who are fisherman and in need of work, then how could an official in the government even begin to consider approving work permits for foreign fishermen?

andros island
Photo from: Google Earth

The Bahamas Press puts it a little more bluntly by stating, “Who in the Government is protecting and allowing these Chinese to fish unfettered in our Bahamian Waters without the participation of Bahamians?”

While it is clear that the position of the BP is against the Chinese presence in the area, time will tell just how deep into the local governments this issue really goes.

In an effort to get to the heart of the matter more quickly, the BP continues to push that all Bahamians ask themselves these simple questions.

A) Did a Bahamian Officer of the Court, who we know has ties to the FNM, indeed set up a Bahamian Company that permits these Chinese Fishermen to operate legally in Bahamian waters?

B)Additionally, has a Bahamian law firm petitioned the Government to obtained work permits to allow scores of Chinese workers on a Bahamian Registered Fishing Boat?

C) Are there any Government Officials or Elected Members of Parliament tied to this new Fishing Entity as Owner/s, Business Associates, or close friends?

Since the reports are still flowing in from Andros Island, it is not yet known exactly what type of fishing the Chinese vessels are doing in the area. However, regardless of the type of fishing being done, BP suggests that the Chinese presence, “is a crying shame!”

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Chinese Fishing Boats Are Raiding the Seas Off Andros Island, Bahamas