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Chinese Fishermen Haul in Nearly 400-pound Grouper

CEN/Daily Mail

Some commercial fishermen in China recently hauled in a grouper bigger than any had ever seen.

Tipping the scales at 378 pounds and measuring over 4-feet long, the fishermen needed a crane to lift the fish into the boat March 4.

The large fish was caught in Shantou, in south China's Guangdong province.

The specific type of grouper hasn't been identified. Crowds that gathered at the dock say it looked more like an exotic fish because of its large mouth and tail.

CEN/Daily Mail
CEN/Daily Mail

After offloading the massive catch, the fishermen took it into town to sell to fishmongers.

The largest grouper the fishermen had previously caught? Just 50 pounds.


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Chinese Fishermen Haul in Nearly 400-pound Grouper