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China’s Warhorse: The Hanyang 88 “Mauser” [VIDEO]

The Hanyang 88 is a little known military arm that saw heavy combat in over sixty years of constant battle and defined victory and defeat for the most ancient of ancient civilizations.

The Hanyang is an interesting relic that survived the Qing dynasty, the Republican Army, the Warlords, and the Communists to shoot another day in my collection.

Check out this 100-year-old 88x57mm rifle and see it bark:

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It is a real pleasure shooting military weapons. While we cannot make them talk to give up their stories, we can make them bark.

I picked up a Chinese Hanyang 88 that has the markings, the dings, and the dents of constant combat and regime changes. It has many stories with an interesting history and is still a reliable rifle.


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China’s Warhorse: The Hanyang 88 “Mauser” [VIDEO]