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Chicago’s Tallest Hill is Overrun by Deer [PICS]


Cook County’s tallest hill, which is also a landfill, in southern Chicago is the home to a healthy deer herd. 

A deer herd has found residence on South Deering’s Paxton II landfill in Cook County, Illinois. Standing 170 feet high, the hill is know as Chicago’s tallest hill. It also happens to be a mound of garbage with grass grown over it.

Tom Shepherd of the Southeast Environmental Task Force, told reporters, “There are dozens of them up there.”


Shepherd added, “Some of the people on that walk can’t resist going up on the hill. And usually the deer there are laying in the grass because they’re never bothered.”

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In 1999, the state pumped 2.5 million gallons of contaminated liquids into the area, upon which the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency planted prairie grasses. The 58-acre former landfill contains waste, such as steel mills.

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In the 2000s, goats were put on the hill to trim the grass, as the terrain was too steep for lawnmowers. However, these goats were for the most part eaten by wild coyotes and dogs. To combat this, sheep dogs were sent to patrol Chicago’s tallest hill.

Currently, a nice deer and healthy coyote population live on the landfill hill.

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All images via DNAinfo

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Chicago’s Tallest Hill is Overrun by Deer [PICS]