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Shoot 8 Different Cartridges from the Chiappa X-Caliber Survival Shotgun

Chiappa Survival

Shoot 8 different cartridges out of the same gun!

Having the ability to shoot eight different cartridges while in a survival situation is very reasonable. You can see how this would be advantageous, especially for people who have a mixed bag of bullets.

Depending on the time you have to load and change the tubes, you can definitely make a solid choice for the intended target.

Carrying eight different tubes to fire the different cartridges means you can leave seven of those pistols behind at home. The tubes are seven inches in length and can give you better ballistics than the full length pistols they were intended for.

The Chiappa features a dense foam butt stock. I am skeptical to see how long this foam will last especially while making contact against rough rocks and sandy environments. Hoffman was able to get a gun wrapped in paracord that we all know would be advantageous not only protecting his hands from the heat of the barrel (if it even has time to heat up), and if you need to get your hands on the rope fast.

Remember, this rifle is designed for survival. End of days scenario where you don’t have any more choices of weapons to utilize. I’d rather have the choice of eight cartridges to shoot rather than have only one pistol caliber and holding onto a box of ammo for another sized pistol. Stay safe, be smart.



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Shoot 8 Different Cartridges from the Chiappa X-Caliber Survival Shotgun