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Chevy onFly: Fly Fishing Florida with Flip Pallot

Chevy onFly
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Chevy onFly presents a look at fly fishing the Indian River in Florida, and the art of passing on knowledge with Flip Pallot. 

Breaking into a new hobby or as some people call fly fishing a lifestyle can be quite difficult for an outsider, especially if you weren’t “born” into that particular lifestyle.

Luckily the outdoor lifestyle has many people like Flip Pallot who are willing to show you the ropes and share many years of knowledge with newcomers. And luckily for both parties, there is now extra help on the way as Chevy onFly presents fly fishing in Florida.

This clip was obviously sponsored by Chevrolet, but to me, that makes it even better. To see that not only are outdoorsmen taking an active role in making sure that knowledge and “secrets” of the trade are being passed down to the next generation, the companies that support the trade are invested as well.

Not only is Chevy adapting to the future by including things like internet access and trailer assist cameras on their new trucks, but they are also going the extra mile and helping to ensure that people like Neil Warnock and Flip Pallot are able to connect and fish.

Hopefully this type of thing will continue, not only from Chevrolet, but also from other of the numerous companies that support all forms of outdoors and wilderness lifestyles.

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Chevy onFly: Fly Fishing Florida with Flip Pallot