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Cherokee Bowyer Demonstrates How They Made Their Bows and Arrows


Ever wonder how the Cherokee made their bows and arrows from their surroundings?

When it comes to learning how to make traditional style bows you will find no better experts than Native Americans. The Cherokee were exceptional craftsman of the bow and arrow as well as great marksmen.

Noel Tim Grayson is an expert bow crafter and flintknapper from the Cherokee Nation. He has been practicing the craft of bow making since he was 14 and loves to attend events to show off his native culture where he explains the bow making process.

Here he demonstrates the steps to a group of children from the selecting of a tree to the actual processing of the bow staff.

When you see a traditional bow it looks so simply created, but nothing is farther from the truth. It takes a keen eye and a light hand to properly thin a staff out into something worth of being called a bow.

I have spent quite a while researching into and trying to craft my first bow. Although I have not yet been successful I learn something new each time and makes me respect those who can craft them more and more.

It just blows my mind how our ancestors 64,000 years ago created the first one with obsidian knives and rocks, while I am here at the pinnacle of technology struggling to get a piece of wood to bend without snapping.

Hopefully one day I will get it like Mr. Grayson and fulfill my dream of taking a deer with a bow I made with my own two hands.

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Cherokee Bowyer Demonstrates How They Made Their Bows and Arrows