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Cheetah Brothers Are Ultimate Hunting Duo Chasing Wildebeest [VIDEO]

With their stellar speed, grappling claws and a little bit of teamwork, these cheetah brothers are the dynamic duo when it comes to hunting wildebeest.

Even the world’s fastest land animal can use a little help from a friend once in a while. This video from the Smithsonian Channel follows a pair of cheetah brothers that chase down a herd of wildebeest.

They easily catch up to their prey and together are able to kill — and eat — one of the running gnus. It may look like a piece of cake for the brothers, but in fact they are only able to score a kill on half of their attempts. Although those are pretty good odds, it’s the danger of the other half that adds adventure to the hunt.

Watch the video to see the two cheetahs stalk, chase and kill the wildebeest:

Watching the magnificent cheetahs do what they do best with incredible agility and speed is nothing short of awe-inspiring, and it’s so much more exciting than watching them pace back and forth at even the best of zoos.

Let’s hope this vulnerable species continues to make a comeback.

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Cheetah Brothers Are Ultimate Hunting Duo Chasing Wildebeest [VIDEO]