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Check Out the World’s First Octographer [VIDEO]

world's first octographer

Rambo, the world’s first octographer (octopus photographer) shows us that octopi are not only great escape artists, but can also become great photographers.

Sony New Zealand recently teamed up with Kelly Tarlton’s Sea Life Aquarium to see if they could train an octopus to become a photographer.

We’ve already seen a bear try to become a photographer, but researchers wanted to find out if an octopus was able to figure out how the camera works and actually take pictures with it. Check out the video to see what happened.

This is an amazing example of just how smart these creatures are. After just a short time and a few adjustments, Rambo was able to successfully become the world’s first octographer. Visitors to the aquarium simply pay two dollars and it sounds a buzzer inside the tank which then triggers Rambo to come and take a photograph.

If you’re planning to go to New Zealand anytime soon, head to the aquarium and get your picture taken by Rambo, the world’s first octographer.

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Check Out the World’s First Octographer [VIDEO]