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Check out the Tiny Menz Liliput 4.25mm Pistol [VIDEO]

menz liliput

Manufactured in the 1920s, the obscure Menz Liliput pistol is one of the smallest self-defense handguns ever made!

Think you’ve seen some teeny handguns before? You likely haven’t seen many as tiny as this handgun!

Now that’s a tiny handgun! Concealable sure, but at a great loss of firepower.

As the video’s narrator says: “These were meant for personal protection….barely.”

It’s easy to see why the .25ACP and .32ACP were more popular.

The big advantage would be the extremely compact size. But the pistol is so tiny, it looks like a toy. It reminds me of those novelty key chain pistol lighters one sometimes sees in tourist traps. I might not have realized it was a real handgun had I not seen him take it apart!

Even though he says this was meant to be a serious self-defense weapon, it still appears to be more a novelty to me.

Heck, I want one. At least for an interesting conversation piece!

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Check out the Tiny Menz Liliput 4.25mm Pistol [VIDEO]