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Check Out This Slow Motion Archery Destruction [VIDEO]

The sharpshooters from Archery 360 are back, obliterating a new collection of everyday objects in vivid slow motion footage.

Forget the traditional bullseye. These archers show off their deadeye aim and the devastating potential of an arrow by piercing an aerosol can, a light bulb and a pineapple, among other things.


If you want to give this a shot yourself, and we know you do, make sure you practice safety. This includes picking a secluded area (by the train tracks, like in this video, is not advised), using a proper backstop, and only firing arrows that you don’t mind if they break – because they probably will.

The archery range is probably out for this, as your fellow shooters might not take kindly to you decorating the area with shattered glass and egg yolks.

Still, this video is a fascinating look into the speed and power of an arrow, and offers some exciting potential for livening up your target practice. So consider adding a few new items to your errand list, solely for the purpose of shooting them with an arrow. That should make grocery shopping a bit more fun.

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Check Out This Slow Motion Archery Destruction [VIDEO]