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Check the Progress of Your Venison Jerky Without Touching It

Tim Kjellesvik/YouTube

Finally, people with glasses, we have an edge in some facet of life! If you make your own jerky and wear glasses, you have to start using this trick.

Many of us are breaking out venison from the deep freeze this time of year to process it into the final products we want.

If jerky is on your list, you can use your eyeglasses to determine if your batch is done, or if it needs more time in the oven (or even the dehydrator if it has an external vent) just by leaning in. Watch me get all misty eyed.

The amount of moisture and how quickly it collected on my glasses in that clip told me my jerky still had a ways to go. Since I like mine more like a meat chip, crispy and crunchy, I’ll let them go until no moisture condenses on my glasses. Since I’m only taking a second or two to check on my product, I don’t lose time from taking out a sample or prodding around in there with my fingers.

Eyeglass wearers have enough going against us in the outdoors. It’s about time we turned the foggy glasses dynamic into something useful. Now go make some jerky!

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Check the Progress of Your Venison Jerky Without Touching It