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Check out the Potential Women’s World Record Marlin Catch


If the pictures weren’t impressive enough, check out this intense video of the possible new women’s world record marlin being caught.

Catching any fish that could challenge a world record is something that any angler would be proud of. However, the feat takes on new meaning when the fish in question happens to be a 1,300-plus-pound blue marlin.

Hooking into a giant like the marlin in this video takes a unique combination of skill, determination, dedication, and a little bit of luck. All four of those things were found in spades by the team shown landing the massive marlin.

The team included Captain Bryan Toney and Hawaiian angler Jada Holt. Holt’s battle with the blue marlin makes for an epic fishing video that she will never forget.

The video is a little long at 12 minutes, but well worth a full watch through. Especially if you are a fan of Ted Nugent and more specifically, the song “Stranglehold”!

WARNING: There is some strong language towards the end of the video. You can’t really blame them after a catch like this one though, can you?

You can see the pure joy and elation on Holt’s face after the possible world-record-sized blue marlin is finally on board the boat. After such an exhausting battle, Holt definitely deserved to feel that way. Congratulations to Jada on her incredible catch!

Do you think you would have what it takes to battle a fish of that magnitude?



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Check out the Potential Women’s World Record Marlin Catch