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Check out This Rare Video of a Tiger Killing a Gaur

Check Out This Rare Video Of A Tiger Killing A Gaur

These lucky tourists were treated to an incredibly rare event when they witnessed a tiger killing a gaur right in front of them and caught it on video.

Gaur are the largest species of bovine alive anywhere in the world and are larger than both water and cape buffalo. With big males weighing upwards of 2,000 pounds, gaur are a very formidable prey species even to the mighty tiger, so it is a rare event when one is killed and eaten by one.

However, that did not stop this big male tiger from deciding he wanted gaur for lunch.

Watch the video to see how it all went down. The snapshots the cameraman took while filming are admittedly annoying. However, the video is still pretty awesome.

Even though that particular gaur looked sick and emaciated, they are still a tough species for a tiger to take down.

The tiger in this video is thought to be named Raja, which, if true, is the same tiger that seemingly effortlessly killed a water buffalo in another well known video. If that is indeed the case, then that tiger is a particularly fearsome predator.

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Check out This Rare Video of a Tiger Killing a Gaur