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Check out This Portable Wood-Burning Stove for Camp [VIDEO]

There’s something to be said about having a real, wood-burning stove inside your canvas tent. It makes you feel like a traditional pioneer camper. 

That is what the Frontier Plus from Anevay is trying to portray with their Kickstarter project.

Check out this portable wood-burning stove and “join the woodfuel revolution!”

Complete with a flue, this is the ultimate stove that can be used as a heat source, place to cook, and make you feel like you are a traditional pioneer.

Set it up at any base or hunting camp, or any other place you would want a stove.

By folding into itself, complete with a handle, it is easily portable.

Pledge to their Kickstarter today and receive a wood-burning stove perfect for camp, tipis, or tiny houses to provide an efficient heating and cooking source.

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Check out This Portable Wood-Burning Stove for Camp [VIDEO]