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Check out This Old School Praga 1921 One-Handed Pistol

Who else loves odd pistols?

Well it does not get much odder than the Praga 1921 one-handed pocket pistol.

Ian from Forgotten Weapons tells us all about the strange Praga 1921 one-handed pocket pistol.

Ever hear of a one-handed pistol? Sounds like it would be a handy design right? Well the Praga 1921 one-handed pocket pistol certainly is the real deal.

What this little odd pistol had was a system to use this pistol one handed. It has a trigger that pops out when the slide is pulled back slightly with your finger. It was then ready to fire its tiny .25 acp. cartridge with six rounds at the ready. The pistol could be used with only one hand using the little finger indentation in the slide.

This little mouse gun certainly is an interesting design. Too bad a modern manufacturer hasn’t picked up this old idea and turned it into a new modernized pistol.



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Check out This Old School Praga 1921 One-Handed Pistol