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This Huge 90-Pound Flathead Catfish is Oklahoma Lake Record


Fat catfish caught on a trotline in southern Oklahoma lake.

Pine Creek Lake Oklahoma has a new record flathead catfish, and it’s a chunky thing!

There’s not a lot of details just yet on the massive 90.7-pound flathead caught April 16 by Clint Johnson of Avery, Texas. We know he was using what is only referred to as “natural bait.” But no one can deny this isn’t an impressive fish.


We do however, have some stats on the size of this flathead. It was 52-inches long and had an amazing 40.25-inch girth. That’s a fat fish! In another interesting detail, the catfish was caught using a pretty old-school method that you don’t often hear about these days: a trotline.

Even though Johnson’s awesome cat is a new record for the 3,750-acre Pine Lake located in the southern part of Oklahoma, you might be surprised to learn it’s not even close to the state record.

The record is a 106 pounder taken out of Wister Lake back in 1977, also caught off a trotline.

All records aside, this is one impressive flathead. It will be interesting to hear if more of the story of this one emerges.


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This Huge 90-Pound Flathead Catfish is Oklahoma Lake Record