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VIP Hunting: Check out This Luxury Deer Stand Mansion

Is this deer stand almost too comfortable?

There are many types of deer hunters.

Some love to bare the elements bundle up in clothes and freeze to death all in the pursuit of filling a tag. Others like to enjoy a nice cup of coffee in the comfort of a luxury deer stand.

Is one right more than the other? Not in my opinion. But if you think hunting in luxury deer stands isn’t “hunting,” you might change your mind after seeing this deer stand.

Watch the MTV “Cribs” edition of deer stands.

If the deer aren’t moving, at least there is a bookshelf full of books, a TV to watch the game on, running water, carpeting,  and even a toilet. Heck, someone could live in it.

The chimney out of the stand might even get the smoke scent high enough to where it wouldn’t impact the surrounding area.

I think I could get use to hunting out of stand like this. In the meantime, I’ll be using my trusty climber, sliding up a tree, and hunting the duration of the day.

Would you hunt out of stand like this? Have you built your own luxury treestand?


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VIP Hunting: Check out This Luxury Deer Stand Mansion