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Check out This Knoble Auto Pistol .30 Cal

Knoble Auto Pistol .30 Cal

If you’ve never heard of the Knoble Auto Pistol .30 Cal, watch this and learn about an important piece of American history.

The Knoble Auto Pistol .30 Cal was made in 1907 during the U.S. pistol trials, and its existence helps to understand the development of the firearm that we’ve come to know today.

Pay close attention to this video, and discover what pistols and other similar weapons used to look like back in the day.

According to the YouTube user, this gun was designed and manufactured by a man named J.W. Noble who lived in Tacoma, WA, and this firearm was, “Deemed too crude for the Ordnance Board to consider even test firing, and it was dropped from the trial like a hot potato.”

The gun has single action only and has no trigger guard. The toggle action Knoble Auto Pistol .30 Cal was tested against similar guns, such as the Luger, and as you read above didn’t get very far in the U.S. pistol trials of 1907.

Although Knoble didn’t get an Army contract for this firearm, he still made a valiant effort to become part of the firearm community in America in the early 1900s. Let this be a lesson to all gun makers out there, that even if others may be more qualified than you, put your best gun forward and stand by it.


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Check out This Knoble Auto Pistol .30 Cal