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Check out This Folding Flint Pocket Knife with Built-In Belt Clip

folding flint pocket knife

This fellow hand crafted a beautiful folding flint pocket knife from a deer antler and flint, but the coolest thing is that he added a belt clip to the handle.

YouTuber Paleoman52 is known for handcrafting cool arrowheads and knife blades by flintknapping. He also makes flint pocket knives. Here’s an awesome folding flint pocket knife he made recently.

It’s a gorgeous specimen, and what makes it even more special is that he was able to incorporate a belt clip into the handle. It fits as neatly into his pocket as any production factory made pocket knife.

He added the belt clip by virtue of finding the perfect piece of deer antler for the handle. It was thick enough that it enabled him to saw out a portion on one side of the handle, but leave enough antler attached to serve as a belt clip.

He says that isn’t sure he’ll make another folding flint pocket knife because it took him a while to acquire a piece of antler like this one. He does have some large antlers, but says that they’re too beautiful to cut into.

The blade also looks to swivel firmly in its antler handle, requiring some pressure to open and close it. So it’s not too loose and it stay in place when opened or closed.

I would have liked to have seen the process he used to make this knife, but unfortunately he didn’t film that for us. In any event he did a fantastic job on this knife. It’s a beautiful piece of work and it is sure to become an heirloom piece.

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Check out This Folding Flint Pocket Knife with Built-In Belt Clip