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This Backyard Smokehouse Project is Your Next DIY Project

These guys will put a nice-sized smokehouse together right before your eyes. Here’s what the final project looks like.

At some point we’ve all had some kind of smoked meat and thought that we’d died and gone to heaven. It was then that we decided to do it ourselves either by purchasing a small smoker or even a simple dehydrator.

Here’s a nice look at a DIY backyard smoker that wouldn’t be all that hard to put together.

First of all, thanks to the Woodwork Projects Facebook page for sharing this video. They give a link to explore further called The Wood Plans so be ready for the sales pitch which, by the way, is very reasonable considering it takes some work to put this stuff together.

It’s a fact of life that we as sportsmen are always on the hunt for another great way to serve wild game to our family. Recipes are just one way to prepare the food we love. Grilling techniques and of course smokehouses are great methods and when you find a good one you get bragging rights as well.



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This Backyard Smokehouse Project is Your Next DIY Project