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Check out This Cool Footage of Two Fighting Cape Buffalo

Fighting Cape Buffalo

Watch these two fighting Cape Buffalo duke it out on camera.

Cape Buffalo have reputations for being extremely aggressive. They’ll charge hunters and even fight other animals, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that they’ll happily fight each other as well. This footage of two fighting Cape Buffalo does a good job of showing just how strong those mighty creatures are.

Notice how they were really pushing each other with the hard “boss” part of their horns on their foreheads? This is how they normally assert their dominance over each other and fight for breeding rights. Young bulls have a soft boss that gradually hardens as they mature. However, having a soft boss puts them at a disadvantage when fighting older, more mature bulls.

Did that get your blood pumping for a Mozambique hunting safari for Cape Buffalo?

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Check out This Cool Footage of Two Fighting Cape Buffalo