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Check Out This Awesome Crossbow Hog Hunt in Florida

Check Out This Awesome Crossbow Hog Hunt In Florida

Looking for a cool crossbow hog hunt to get you pumped up to hit the woods? Welcome! You came to the right place.

Though Florida may not have quite as many hogs as Texas, the state still has a pretty substantial hog population and is one of the top states to hunt hogs. For this reason, they are hunted using all sorts of methods. Rifle hunting is the most popular, with archery a close second. Well, this hunter decided to try his luck on a crossbow hog hunt.

Watch the video to see how it went down. Keep your eye on the big hog on the right side of the screen.

Was that a crazy flip the hog did after being hit or what? Looks like the guy made a pretty solid hit, judging by the big blood smear that ended up on that palmetto after the flip.

Nice shot! Enjoy all that pork!

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Check Out This Awesome Crossbow Hog Hunt in Florida