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Check Out This Anti-Drone Rifle the Army is Showing Off

Check Out This Anti-Drone Rifle The Army Just Demonstrated

This demonstration of a new anti-drone rifle was put on for the benefit of the Secretary of Defense.

This anti-drone rifle was built by Captain Brent Chapman of the the Army Cyber Institute at West Point. It was built from existing commercial parts that cost only $150. The anti-drone rifle was demonstrated for Secretary of Defense Ash Carter on his recent visit to the United States Military Academy at West Point.

Watch the video to see how well it worked on that drone.

Pretty impressive right?

This anti-drone rifle uses a wi-fi radio to exploit a weakness in this particular drone's program in order to tell it to power off and crash. Though it works very well on this type of drone, it won't work on every drone out there.

However, with continued development, this way of attacking drones could turn into a viable and effective way to shoot down drones without using conventional firearms in the future.

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Check Out This Anti-Drone Rifle the Army is Showing Off