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These 7 Videos Of Bandit Birds Swiping Fish Will Make You Reconsider Your Fishing Spot

bandit birds
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Sometimes birds hunt their own food, but sometimes bandit birds choose to take a different route and just steal their dinner, these are some of those birds. 

Usually when people talk about birds in normal conversation, it’s about how they fly, or having eyesight like an eagle; but sometimes you run across a bandit bird who’s only out to steal someone else’s hard earned fish. Today we’ll take a look at some of the best of those criminals in action.

First up, this bald eagle who does quite a few fly-by’s before finally actually swooping down and grabbing up his target. Guess he just wants to give the fisherman plenty of time to get the fish close to the top of the lake before nabbing it from him.

This second bald eagle on the other hand doesn’t need the assurance that an initial fly-by offers and just takes home his bounty on the very first try.

This next bald eagle from Northern California was not quite so lucky to get his on the first attempt and ended up in quite the battle with the fisherman for the game in question. In the end persistance paid off and this bandit bird will fly away with the victory.

This one’s a bit longer, but well worth it. Apparently this guy was using Eagle Claw fishing line, because even when that’s where the fish was the line refused to break.

We have to feel like we are only catching the tail end of a more epic struggle between this well known bandit bird at Maple Lake in British Columbia but it does offer some up close footage at exactly what it looks like to be bested by a bald eagle.

This golden eagle on Catalina Island doesn’t use any majestic powers at all, he simply walks up and takes…or tries to take a stingray that’s still on the fisherman’s line. The concept of fishing line is one that’s still new to him.

Apparently humans are not the only victims of these mischievous eagles. They are ruthless criminals who will steal from anyone they can get to do their bidding.

And finally, since you’ve seen all of these birds running their successful snatch-n-grab schemes and come out fat and happy on the other side, we thought we’d show you at least one failed attempt; you can’t be successful every time right?

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These 7 Videos Of Bandit Birds Swiping Fish Will Make You Reconsider Your Fishing Spot