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So How Accurate Are the Wild ‘Rocket Pod’ Shotgun Slugs?


These futuristic-looking whistling slugs look deadly, but how do they really perform?

People are consistently experimenting with wacky shotgun loads and slugs these days. Behold the Rocket Pod slugs, named for their similar appearance to a rocket pod on an attack helicopter.

These slugs are certainly strange and futuristic-looking, but do they have the performance to match?

Well, I think the old saying you can’t judge a book by its cover is applicable here. These things look like they should be able to fly with some accuracy, but it’s the exact opposite.

Perhaps they just put a little too much thought into the design of these things. Simplicity is sometimes best.

I know you may be thinking this experiment was pointless, but innovation doesn’t occur without some crazy experimentation at times. If you have an idea and the resources to try it, why not?

It’s a shame they are wildly inaccurate, they are certainly pass the test for looking cool!



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So How Accurate Are the Wild ‘Rocket Pod’ Shotgun Slugs?