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Check Out the Size of this Record Salmon!

record salmon

This new Denmark record salmon makes the one Eric Clapton caught earlier this year look like a baby!

If you don’t believe me, just have a look at Eric Clapton’s catch right here. This new record salmon, caught by Simon Kastrup Shimizu, measured out to just over 55 inches long. Clapton’s big salmon was only 42.5 inches. Regardless of the celebrity appeal from the latter, it’s Shimizu’s fish that is really making the headlines. 

After fishing for a little while in the Storåen river near Jutland, Shimizu set hooks in this monster fish. 

“It went to the bottom a lot, so I could feel it was a fish of a considerable size, although I hadn’t in my wildest fantasy believed it was that massive,” Shimizu said in an interview

Until this fish, the previous record had stood in Denmark since 1954. After seeing the picture, it’s easy to believe it took over 30 minutes to land.

What a fish!


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Check Out the Size of this Record Salmon!