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You Have to See the New Line of Kimber Rifles

You have to see these three new Kimber rifles. Lightweight and ready for your hunt.

Kimber is well-known for their quality handguns. They also make excellent rifles. These Kimber rifles should cover everything you would need them for. From traditional to mountain sporting rifles, they have it.

Kimber is known for quality, accurate guns. Kimber’s new line of rifles is no different- these rifles are built to last. The video below shows a glimpse of each one and what they can do for you.

They have three new rifles released this year. The Montana, a carbon fiber and stainless steel constructed rifle, comes in several calibers. Another model is called the Adirondack. This one is a lightweight big game rifle. The Hunter model weighs around 5.5 pounds!

The 84M Hunter comes with with a removable three-round box magazine, and the lightweight design and accuracy make it a great choice for your next hunt. In case you were wondering, the retail cost on this model is $885.



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You Have to See the New Line of Kimber Rifles