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This is How Duck Hunting in France is Done Differently

Duck hunting in France looks nothing like you have experienced but they still bag a bunch of waterfowl.

Hunting and Fishing gives us a seat during an outing duck hunting in France and it looks vastly different from what you would experience in North America.

These were interesting hunts altogether with a lot of birds bagged via pass shooting. It is surprising not to see any decoys or camo with very simple blinds and a wide variety of retrieving dogs in the mix.

I always find the differences in hunting techniques and tactics fascinating from one country or area to the next. This example from France clearly shows more old world hunting with a minimalist approach to gear and no decoying; likely little has changed for their duck hunting style over the centuries.

If you travel consider trying a hunt in a different country with their traditional methods as it will build unforgettable memories that you can pass onto friends and family.


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This is How Duck Hunting in France is Done Differently