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Check out BioLite’s New Camping Accessories

All photos via BioLite

BioLite has released some pretty cool new products. 

BioLite is known for revolutionizing the camping stove market by creating a stove that uses organic material for heat rather than fuel. Now they have released an updated version of their camping stove, a lamp, and a solar panel for the upcoming camping season.

Their updated camping stove looks like the original; a standing steel cylinder with a place to insert organic material to burn. On the outside is a battery that is charged by the heat of the small cooking fire and can hold about 30 hours of power. The new version has four fans to fuel the fire but doesn’t have the capacity to charge devices anymore, which makes the battery lighter.

The new CookStove is now $99, $30 dollars cheaper than the original.


BioLite has also released a powerful LED lamp that can be used as a small battery. The PowerLight Mini emits 135-lumens that will stay bright for up to 52 hours, can flash red or white, and can be used as a small battery to even charge the CookStove. The PowerLight Mini is a versatile little light that can be clipped onto your person, used as a reading light in the tent, or propped up on its stand to light the campground.

The PowerLight Mini costs $44.95.


BioLite has also come out with a portable solar panel. The SolarPanel 5+ comes in two versions: one with a 2200 mAh battery to hold excess power and a cheaper one with no battery. BioLite’s solar panel is light and portable and has a convenient kickstand to support it as it’s charging. The SolarPanel 5+ also has BioLite’s exclusive Optimal Sun System, which is a small icon in the corner of the panel that tells you what direction is the most optimal for charging.

The SolarPanel 5+ costs $60-$80.


As you are putting together your camping gear for the spring, consider some of BioLite’s new accessories and get with the 21st century!

All photos via BioLite

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Check out BioLite’s New Camping Accessories