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Check Out This Ohio Bowhunter’s Christmas Lights

Take a look at this bowhunter’s humorous Christmas lights.

Pataskala, Ohio resident Matt Stuller’s Christmas lights display is popular among residents.

In creating the display, Stuller said he wanted to combine his love of Christmas and hunting by adding a touch of humor.

“It’s for the hunter that can appreciate a little humor,” said Stuller in a Coshocton Tribune article. “People drive by and come back and even take pictures.”

The Christmas lights display features Santa and a bowhunter perched in a tree hunting down reindeer in the yard. The trajectory of their arrows are lit up with flashing Christmas lights.

It also features a scene of Santa’s sled and reindeer crash landing onto Stuller’s roof.

Stuller said he spent 10 hours over two weeks constructing the Christmas lights display. To create the scene, he cut the figures from plywood, and used a variety of colored lights.

“You can’t have the same old theme as everyone else,” Stuller said. “It would be boring.”

We think you’ve taken care of that “boredom” factor, Mr. Stuller. Kudos on a job well done.


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Check Out This Ohio Bowhunter’s Christmas Lights