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Check Out the Odd Savage Navy Revolver

The Savage Navy Revolver certainly is one of a kind.

It was almost double action but not quite.

Ian from Forgotten Weapons tells us all about the curious Savage Navy Revolver.

Is that revolver a lever action, a double action or something completely different? Well all of the statements are generally correct on this odd revolver.

Back during the Civil War around 24,000 of these Savage Navy Revolvers were floating around. They served with both North and South through out the war. They were made until 1863 and then production ceased. With a regular trigger up top and a secondary round trigger ring that was used to cycle the revolver this revolver was one step away from true double action. Still this revolver could rapid fire with this arrangement with little problem with some practice.

The Savage Navy Revolver is now a Forgotten Weapon but is quite an important step of the evolution of the modern day double action revolver.


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Check Out the Odd Savage Navy Revolver