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Check Out the New Sako Rifle for Canadian Rangers [PICS]

New Sako Rifle For Canadian Rangers
All images via The Ottawa Citizen

After decades of using the venerable Lee-Enfield, the Canadian Rangers are getting issued a new Sako rifle designed to operate under demanding conditions.

The Canadian Rangers are a special unit in the Canadian Military that operate in some of the most isolated areas of the country. The Canadian government has elected to equip the Rangers with a new Sako rifle specifically designed to operate under the harsh conditions that they work in.

Up until now, the Canadian Rangers have used the Lee-Enfield rifle, which has served admirably. However, the rifles are getting older and are becoming more expensive and difficult to maintain.

As a result, the rangers will soon be armed with a new Sako rifle, which are known for their legendary toughness and accuracy. With rangers operating in areas known for both extreme heat and cold, as well as large and dangerous predators, they need a rifle that can handle such a harsh lifestyle.


Based on the Tikka (a Sako brand) T3 compact tactical rifle, the new Sako rifle that the Canadian Rangers will be using is a bolt action, magazine-fed rifle chambered in .308 Winchester.

The new Sako rifle has several modifications that differentiate it from the Tikka T3 CTR. For instance, it has a larger bolt handle and trigger guard to make it easier to handle with gloves. It also incorporates protected front and rear sights as well as a laminated stock.

125 rifles have already been delivered to the Canadian Rangers, where they are currently undergoing user trials. Based off feedback from these trials, modifications to the rifle may be incorporated into the rifles issued to the rest of the rangers.

It is expected that the new Sako rifle will be issued to all members of the Canadian Rangers by the end of 2018.

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Check Out the New Sako Rifle for Canadian Rangers [PICS]