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Check out the New Gorilla Ammo for 2016

If you're into hog hunting pay attention to the .300blk bullets made by Gorilla ammo.

Gorilla Ammunition has engineered some lethal projectiles for 2016. In particular they focused their efforts this year on personal defense loads. They will be updating their ammunition for 45 ACP, 9mm, and 380. Gorilla ammo has also focus their efforts on the.300 BLK, and the kinetic dump is pretty fast.

For the 300blk ammo, Gorilla's featured round is the 205 grain projectile that moves at 1040 ft./s and dumps all of the energy within 14 inches. Considering that the ammunition is sub-sonic it should be whisper quiet when paired with a silencer. It's the perfect recipe if you're good to go for ultra silent hunting.

Cant wait to see Yeager shoot some hogs from a helicopter on the next hog hunt.


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Check out the New Gorilla Ammo for 2016