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Check out This Mule Deer Just Hanging in the Suburbs [VIDEO]

Just hanging out in the suburbs

Spend all season chasing mule deer with no results? That’s because they are just hanging out in the suburbs.

For everyone who has ever spent time in the woods hunting, you know how frustrating it can be going for long periods of time without seeing deer. Even if you don’t get a shot, it is nice to at least see something.

Especially on those days where everything seems just right and you just know you are going to see something and then they don’t show up.

We have all thought to ourselves ‘Where can they possibly be? Well, now we have our answer. At least in one Colorado neighborhood, all the mule deer are just hanging out in the suburbs.”>

These mule deer are smarter than many give them credit for.

As the hunters leave their nicely manicured lawns in order to head into the wilderness in search of the deer, the latter promptly heads into the suburbs to wait out the season or at least the day in safety.

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Check out This Mule Deer Just Hanging in the Suburbs [VIDEO]