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Check Out This Monster Problem Bear Just Shot In New Jersey

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A New Jersey hunter just shot a problem bear that may have been the one attacking farm animals in Morris County. Read on to learn more about the bear and the trouble it’s been causing.

Will Jimeno, a former Port Authority officer from Chester, New Jersey, recently shot a 384-pound black bear in Morris County, New Jersey during this year’s bear season. As it turns out, this bruin is a famous problem bear that has been causing problems for people in the area for years.

Since word has gotten out that he killed the bear, he claims that 20-30 people have come over to shake his hand and take photos with the bear.

According to Jimeno:

“They’ve been fearful of this bear. I wouldn’t call him aggressive, but there have been some close encounters. He’s put people on edge. At one point, he came up and backed one person into a garage.”

This problem bear also got into a scuffle with a dog and may have been the bear that went after a local donkey and llama. Though the donkey survived the encounter, the llama had to be euthanized because its injuries were so severe.

problem bear in new jersey

In any case, this is one problem bear that won’t be bothering anybody ever again.

The annual bear hunt in New Jersey has been the subject of a fair amount of controversy lately. However, incidents like this are one of the reasons the hunt was implemented in the first place.

Nice work, Mr. Jimeno and congratulations on harvesting such a monster bear!

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Check Out This Monster Problem Bear Just Shot In New Jersey